Wash Water Reclamation & Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Both conventional and biological reclaim systems will collect, clean and reuse 100% of the water collected, regardless of the wash equipment in operation. Hence saving a natural resource and money. Wash water is collected in a primary collection area where heavy solids are removed, then the effluent passes through a dedicated 3 chamber interceptor, which allows suspended solids to separate. The wash water is then either passed through an Environmental Agency approved conventional system or a biological unit, both rendering the water clean for reuse.

Both systems are automatically treated 24 hrs per day 365 days per year, to remove harmful bacteria (Legionellosis etc) and have DEFRA accreditation, which will allow purchasers to claim 100% Enhanced Capital Allowance (subject to conditions) Effectively having the whole cost of the reclaim refunded by Government.

  • Enclosed stainless steel tanks & pumps
  • Wash rinse valve
  • Stainless steel tanks & weirs
  • Hydrocyclones
  • Frost protected
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Water Council/DEFRA & HM Government fully approved design & operation
  • Delivered & installed
  • 12 months warranty from date of commissioning.

9,000 litre Reclaim Interceptor

  • 3 stage separation to improve settlement of solids.
  • GRP construction
  • No dead-leg areas to allow bacteria to proliferate
  • Heavy duty lids
  • Delivered, but installed in civil work price

Legionella Control Procedure

To treat either under chassis wash system, vehicle top (body) wash or both, and which will:

  • Continually monitor and dose the water in the system with a biocide to control and prevent the spread of Legionella bacteria etc.
  • When not in use the water is still periodically dosed and regularly circulated to prevent stagnation, with a quantity being rejected to Foul Sewer and topped up with fresh water.
  • A temperature gauge is fitted so if or when the critical temperature of 20 degrees C is reached, the washes are automatically switched off but the dosing and circulating of the water continues.

Services Required: 16amp 3 Phase + Neutral Electricity 180 litres/min. of good Mains pressure water

Enviromentally Frendily Vehicle Cleaning, Wash Water Reclamation & Rain Water Harvesting Systems


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