Our equipment is fully approved, significantly reduces labour time and cost effectively combines environmentally friendly low energy consumption with careful reuse of water and high quality bio-degradeable detergents.

From top washing, to chassis washing ready for MOT inspection, our range of equipment satisfies a range of business requirements. There is not a vehicle, road or rail, we cannot successfully clean, saving you time and money.

Top washing units are available as a drive through with two and four brush options, cleaning effectively in less than one minute, or as a stationary vehicle option with highly programmable gantry machines. Our self propelled single brush, is ideal for small to medium size fleets.

Our unique, patented, automatic chassis wash will safely, effectively, and with no vehicle damage, clean a double deck bus in 30 minutes ready for an MOT inspection or an 8 wheeled refuse collection vehicle fresh from a land-fill site in 40 minutes. Even trams and locomotives can have their under carriages cleaned of oil, grease, animal remains and be de-iced or sprayed with ice preventing fluid, swiftly and cost effectively.

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